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All Excel skills you need in and for your first job!

Your first job is waiting for you. Are you ready?
Do you want to stand out in the job market? To be one step ahead of the other applicants? Boost your career! Processing and analysing data are becoming progressively important. By using Excel you can develop your analytical skills. A win-win situation: increasing your Excel knowledge gives you a huge advantage in the business community.
How it works:

  • Quickly master the most essential Excel skills using our unique learning environment
  • Your obtained Excel certificate will stand out on your C.V.
  • More and more multinationals are using our method to train their staff
  • You will have access to our vast network of multinationals who often offer very interesting trainee positions
  • We offer students generous discounts

The best way to experience it is to try it yourself!

‘The combination of video exercises and explanations in text works perfectly for me.’

‘I would love to have your toolbar as a permanent feature in Excel.’

‘By demonstrating my understanding of Excel during my interview and showing my SmartenUP certificate, I was able to get the job.’

Our learning environment for self-study

The Smartenup learning environment helps you to improve your work every day in a better, faster and more effective way. We offer an inspiring learning experience with content relevant to any field of business, integrated with exercises, videos, tests and reference materials. Practical, compact and clear. All available in Excel with just one click. Check out our level overview.

By collaborating with companies such as Dell, Heineken, bol.com and Samsung, we know exactly what these types of firms are looking for in a prospective employee when it comes to Excel. Our mission is to transfer that knowledge in an appealing and useful way to students. This is the very reason why we work closely with various student organisations. Students who are fluent in Excel definitely have a major advantage in the job market.

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