Smartenup is preferred Excel training supplier for Unilever Benelux

“Smartenup learning environment is an excellent tool for us. It is complete, applicable for all levels, and available at the right moment. You can easily fit learning in your day-to-day work, without spending time on face-to-face classroom sessions. Users can learn at any time, and use the search function once they have questions. We at Unilever believe the most effective way to learn is by doing.”
Loes Schrijvers, Global Learning Manager Unilever

Developing the Excel skills of the Coca-Cola Europ Partners – NL in a short amount of time

“We are very enthusiastic about the combination of the classroom training and the Smartenup self-study learning environment. The setup of the program is very good and suitable for all levels. Because of the training, the participants are now motivated to develop their skills. The trainers of Smartenup helped us to quickly and effectively develop our skills. ”
Debbie Deurlinger, Category Development Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises

Smartenup is preferred Excel training supplier for Samsung Benelux

“As an early adapter of the Smartenup toolbar, we were immediately positive about the applicability of the toolbar. And after experiencing the growth of this enterprising company and  the development of their training methods in the toolbar, we were even more enthusiastic about Smartenup.

During the training, our people were engaged and challenged to study at their own pace. When working at a dynamic and high-demanding company as ours, this is a perfect method to cater everyone’s needs and their way of learning. Even the people that dreaded Excel the most are now happy and confident to work with it. Keep up the good work and keep on innovating!”
Ethie van Rees, HR / L&D Officer at Samsung Eletronics

Smartenup offers Fontys Hogeschool an innovative and customer centric solution

“To meet the requirements of the Fontys Hogeschool and its students, we have chosen the Smartenup Excel toolbar, which is a unique, innovative and complete Excel training. The entire look and feel, as well as the content of the modules are custom-tailored to our needs. The fact that the Smartenup toolbar is embedded in Excel itself makes it very easy to work with it. The students have managed to install the toolbar on their own. The communication with Smartenup is very open and uncomplicated. We have become real partners.”
Micha Reuter, Projectmanager, Consultant and Lecturer & Fontys Logistics Expertise Center

Construction company Huisman Gemert needs the Smartenup consultants

“Since a couple of years, we have been working with the automated Excel-calculation program from Smartenup. As a company, we honestly couldn’t work without the program anymore. Smartenup has helped us to automate our files so efficiently that with one click of the button a quote will be transformed into a Word file. When needed, this file can be changed manually. We create up to 30 to 35% more quotes, and mistakes became very uncommon. Due to this adjustment, we can calculate very rapidly, create more quotes, and most importantly, we save time which we can use for other sales activities.”
Roy Reintjes, Sales Manager, Huisman-Gemert

Smartenup makes information insightful for “Zorg en Welzijn”

“The power of the collaboration with Smartenup is that they help us make results insightful within the sectors “Zorg en Welzijn” and “Maatschappelijke Dienstverlening”. For operational reasons a large amount of data is captured within the systems of AdSysCo. Because of the reports that Smartenup has built for us, the application of data has grown increasingly. Analysis, control and accountability have become a bigger part of our work field. AdSysCo and Smartenup will keep working together to create more helpful dashboards for the employees of our costumes.”
Piet de Groot, Directeur/Owner, AdSysCo