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At Smartenup we live and breathe Excel. Excel is globally the most used solution for processing and analysing data. We couldn’t live without it, and neither can you. Since analytical skills are crucial in business life, in any field of work.

Smartenup is the best Excel partner available, for both individuals and businesses. We offer solutions for every user, whether you are a beginner or more advanced. We understand and appreciate that every individual is unique and has his own way of learning. This is the very reason we offer several goal-oriented solutions that allow you to excel regardless of your current skill level, character or background.

Tell us who you are and we will gladly assist you in making the right decision.

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Learning environment

We offer you a unique method. The most intuitive, inspiring and motivating Excel learning environment available.

Our learning environment is an easy to install self-study program and fully embedded in Excel. Your very own training method is only one click away. Take the opportunity to work smarter, faster and in a more appealing way.

Our learning environment is…

  • Suitable for all levels. From starters to experts
  • Learn Excel in Excel – as intuitive as it gets
  • Pick your own method and pace

Choose your background:

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Our experienced consultants are here when you need them

Our consultants will gladly share their wealth of experience. They are available as Excel sparring partners and eager to assist you in creating the most efficient, save and appealing dashboards and reports. Over the past four years we have worked with both small/medium enterprises and multinationals.

We specialise in:

  • Dashboard/Report building
  • Model building
  • Automation
  • Visualisation

Smartenup built a visually appealing scorecard that allowed the internal communication department to draw valuable insights about their performance. It also helped other departments to improve their understanding of other qualitative and quantitative KPIs.

Smartenup created a model which calculates the impact of store closures, and the cannibalization effect of the new store openings on the online presence of the existing stores.

Smartenup supports the HR department of Samsung Benelux with structural reporting and ad hoc analyses. We have completed over 5 different projects in 2016 alone. We are also the preferred supplier for Excel training.

Smartenup has built a model that is being used by Heineken Supply Chain to calculate global transfer pricing for production, logistics and packaging costs of nearly 2000 SKUs.

Smartenup is leading the creation of a weekly management report used by the e-commerce management team with insights on sales, financials, logistics and customer care KPIS.


Our classroom training

We are all about efficiency. That’s why we love Excel. Our practical, fun, energetic and efficient classroom learning experience will enable you to improve your skills in a few hours. Choose what suits you best: we offer both standardized and customized training for all levels. Including your very own level, regardless how advanced you are. Or think you are.

  • Impressive results in a short space of time
  • Practical, dynamic and relevant
  • Active Do It Yourself learning

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Learning journey

The Smartenup Learning Journey

Our corporate learning journey is a one of a kind proven method that will take all users at least two levels up. We offer a combination of our different learning experiences within the boundaries of a defined course.

Our Learning Journey combines our three biggest strengths: unique learning environment, energetic classroom training and consultancy experience. Cleverly combining various learning experiences, the power of repetition and numerous touch points enable us to guarantee fast results.
We can offer a standardised Corporate Learning Journey, but upon request we will happily create a customized version based on your needs.

Here you can find more information and an overview of customer experiences.

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